We made a promise that every decision, every product, will be made with careful consideration toward our impact on the well being of the next generation. It’s our belief that the best way to live our life is to consider the future.


Our 2018 Launch

We sold out of everything within just a few months and wanted to say thank you all for your support. We are working on 2019 right now and have THREE new launches coming soon!

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We’re redefining play. Join us in nurturing playtime for the next generation, and beyond.

in the Details

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why they love us…

super soft all natural wool

warm personality and likeness to each animal

organic food quality paint

quality matters

sustainable handcrafted wood that is soft to the touch


up close…

it's all in the details to create something exceptional and timeless, you always need to be focused on the details. We constantly marvel over the littlest detail on the stitch work or smoothness of the wood and how we can make the whole piece that much more special.

So we are always looking "and assessing" with an eye on the details.

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a simple hidden sewn snap allows you to remove.

easy for on/off material