We don’t rely on factory production processes

and only use raw materials to develop animal figures that are truly unique and hand made and simple in design. We introduce an endearing collection of animal figures made from environmentaly friendly rubber wood and soft fabrics like wool. Rubber wood is earth friendly, as it makes use of the plantation tree that has served it’s purpose for rubber and now that lumber is used for toys.

We have combined the indigenous wooden lathe-made technique with traditional hand sewn wool to create a new wave of handcrafted toys with an endearing aesthetic. Not only does this combine age old craftsmanship with a contemporary style, it also encourages children to explore their creativity and make a new toy for themselves or their friends!

100% New Zealand sheep's wool, responsibly sourced in both the South and North islands of the country. We all know wool is a natural fiber, but it is also a sustainable and "circular" product due to its biodegradability. 

Rubberwood lumber is typically taken from rubber plantations where the trees are tapped for latex, and harvested at the end of their useful life cycle—typically after about thirty years.

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