Handmade Animal Friends

zoo MODERN Animal Friends are handcrafted in the US with a classic, modern design


zoo MODERN unveils a new way for you to create magical, open-ended playtime.

I was on a mission to find a safer toy that my daughter might still be interested in playing with. There were wood toys available but they were either cars, trucks or teether toys for babies. We all need to find comfort in what level of quality we provide to our children, so I set off to make my own toy that my daughter could play with. She is now a teenager so I missed that opportunity to create something for her to play with, but I kept going because plastic is a problem. It serves a good purpose but then does not biodegrade. Wood and wool are 100% environment friendly and are a recyclable material that could possibly connect you to nature in a playful manner.

The handcrafted wooden animals were born from my sketchbook doodles and love for nature. I loved growing up near woodland areas and I became an active creator of my own world. I built forts, huts, diverted streams and swung like Tarzan. Now I am surrounded by urbanism and have lost my close contact with the mighty tree. So I try to bring that magic to a child in the form of Zoo Modern.


up close...

it's all in the details

to create something exceptional and timeless, you always need to be focused on the details. We constantly marvel over the littlest detail on the stitch work or smoothness of the wood and how we can make the whole piece that much more special.

So we are always looking "and assessing" with an eye on the details.


organic - natural

Super soft wool from Ireland

Rubber wood from sustainable trees of Indonesia

Child safe paint from Germany

We work together with respect to the people and planet.

Nothing artificial and only safety approved materials

our handcrafted woodland animals consist of

Lars Owl - Abe Fox - Evan Rabbit & Leo Bear

why do they love us...

super soft all natural wool

warm personality and likeness to each animal

button snap for easy on/off material

organic food quality paint

attention to details

quality matters

sustainable handcrafted wood that is soft to the touch

A simple hidden sewn snap allows you

to remove the cape or mix and match.


We don’t rely on factory production processes and only use raw materials to develop animal figures that are truly unique and hand made and simple in design. We introduce an endearing collection of animal figures made from eco-friendly rubber wood and soft fabrics like wool. Rubber wood is earth friendly, as it makes use of the plantation tree that has served it’s purpose for rubber and now that lumber is used for toys.

We have combined the indigenous wooden lathe-made technique with traditional hand sewn wool to create a new wave of handcrafted toys with an endearing aesthetic. Zoo Modern collection starts with a woodland collection to include a fox, bear, bunny, and owl with a bespoken quality about it, and you’re encouraged to build your own using our interchangeable capes. Not only does this combine age old craftsmanship with a contemporary style, it also encourages children to explore their creativity and make a new toy for themselves or their friends!



Width - Approximately 4 inches Wide - Approximately 7 to 8 inches in Height, depending on the animal

Width - Approximately 4 inches Wide - Approximately 7 to 8 inches in Height, depending on the animal

Construction Details

Rubber wood, Imported from Indonesia and handcrafted in the US

100% Natural Wool, Imported from Ireland

Child Safe Paint, Imported from Germany

One Metal Snap - Because we use a Snap to secure the cape onto the animal, these items are Not recommended for children below the Age of 3. These items are 3+.

Care Instructions

Clean with a Damp Cloth - Do not Wash - Keep out of Direct Sunlight - Store in a Dry Place



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